Delicious Best Vegan Desserts

Ever tried Best Vegan Brownies for your family? Even if you try, I guarantee this will make them smile again.

Some of us may think that being a vegan would be quite a daunting task. It may be so, but with the new trend emerging and its beginning to increase in numbers, food manufacturers are also looking at it from a different perspective. On the contrary, it is also fashionable. With so many animals are slaughtered for their meat, skin, and various other parts, they are striving to make a point. The rest of the world, with all meat-eaters around, would be very conducive to the idea is to be seen.

“Only time will tell,” especially with a majority consuming the meat of some kind or other. They would be better off practicing their personal preferences rather than trying to impose themselves on others. Into this equation, we look at a best-ever brownie , which could help them to try something which was there over the ages. A vegan option was long overdue, and it has arrived to bring you variety in food choices.

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Vegan Brownies

This would serve eight (8), people. It is a quick dessert and with no strings attached where you could quickly bring out a dessert in double-quick time. Vegans would love this as it is easy to make, and with most of them are strict about what they eat, this could be their best brownies. They would need to consume quality food rather than in quantity, and they have many a range to do so.

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vegan brownies recipe

We may look all over for the right ingredients and still not find them. Whatever the situation would be, we need to get the best ingredients so that our preparations would be great. When starting on a brownies recipe, it would be prudent to see whether you have all the ingredients close at hand. If not, you would be running from pillar to post, trying to get what you need at the last moment.

  1. Avocado (pureed or well-mashed) – ¼ cup
  2. Avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil – ¼ cup
  3. White whole wheat flour or all-purpose flour – 1 cup
  4. Unsweetened cocoa powder – ½ cup
  5. Cane sugar – (or granulated sugar) – ¾ cup
  6. Baking powder = ¾
  7. Baking soda – 1 teaspoon
  8. Salt – ½ teaspoon
  9. Water – ¾ cup
  10. Vegan chocolate chips

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This task could be completed in an hour and is ideal for getting a quick dessert on the table while everyone is waiting for the food.

It may not dawn on non-vegans that being one has some distinct advantages too. 

  1. Ensure that you preheat your oven so that you could bake as soon as the other chores are completed to make the best brownies as quickly as possible.
  2. Preheating should be set at 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  3. Get the baking dish ready by greasing the sides with butter or cooking spray
  4. Into a large bowl mix the avocado (pureed) and the avocado oil and whisk
  5. It would turn smooth and creamy
  6. Then add in the sugar, baking soda, salt, cocoa powder, flour, and water. Stir until it is smooth.
  7. Mix the chocolate chips
  8. Pour in the contents into the baking dish and ensure that you spread it evenly around
  9. Sprinkle the chocolate chips on the contents in the baking dish
  10. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes
  11. Check out the center of you and ensure you do not over bake.
  12. Serve warm and also keeping it for a couple of days would enhance the taste.

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Nutritional Value
Vegan Brownies Calories

If vegans are abstaining from eating animal foods, it is perfectly OK, but they would need to supplement their food intake with the right alternatives. Animals give us a variety of nutrients, and when we deny our bodies from them. And, we need to be proactive and find others to ensure we stay on top of our health. They need to take extra care when they deny animal products to their bodies though that is a bold step to take in many ways.

  1. Calories – 101
  2. Total fat – 2.6 g
  3. Saturated fat – 2.3 g
  4. Trans fat – 2.2 g
  5. Cholesterol – 3.3 mg
  6. Sodium – 68 mg
  7. Total carbohydrate – 1.9 g
  8. Dietary fibre – 2.9 g
  9. Total sugars – 4.9 g
  10. Added sugars – 3.2 g
  11. Protein – 3.8 g
  12. Iron – 2.9 mg
  13. Potassium – 141 mg

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