Best Peanut Butter Brownies Recipe

Peanut butter is everyone’s favourite, and there may not be a day that passes by without a container of it left out of the table. It would invariably find its way onto every breakfast table. And, kids as well as adults adore it and would liberally apply it on their toast and enjoy every bite they take. Things are getting better around every home kitchen with peanut butter brownies recipe taking centre stage and preference above just applying it on toast.

If you, too, are an ardent fan of peanut butter, then you could elevate yourself to the best that ever happened around the kitchen. And that is the making of peanut butter brownies. It is simple to make and is interesting too, especially when you have it on your table. Your family is going to relish every bite of it.

They would turn out to be the best brownies that you would have tasted in a very long time. It is not only delicious but full of nourishment too. It is an excellent and square meal for the kids, and they are going to love it, and of that, there is no doubt. There are many out there who are allergic to peanuts, and they would need to take extra care as to what they would eat. Those who are allergic to various foods may need to take stock of what is set before them to consume before they would do so.

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best peanut butter brownies recipe


This recipe, which is one of the best brownies recipes you could pick up, would serve 12 to 16 and would what you would want to treat your friends when they come barging in unannounced. It is also possible to get it onto the table in a quick time and leave a good impression in the minds of your friends as a good host with some great brownie ideas up your sleeve.


Choose the best and fresh ingredients to ensure that your peanut butter brownies come out at its best with the taste and flavour that you envisaged. For getting the final product at its best, it would be prudent to use only fresh ingredients. All these ingredients are generally available in our homes and frequently used. Hence baking peanut butter brownies is no challenge if you have the best and right elements.

You could bring out your one of the best brownies with a little dedication and perseverance, which would be exciting to call upon your culinary skills to tickle the taste buds of all those who would bite into it.

  1. Unsalted butter – 75 g (some extra butter for greasing the baking dish)
  2. Plain dark chocolate – 200 g (broken into small pieces)
  3. Peanut butter (crunchy/free of high fructose corn syrup) – 75 g
  4. Peanut butter (smooth/free of high fructose corn syrup) – 125 g
  5. Large eggs – 3
  6. Caster sugar – 175 g
  7. Salt – ¼ teaspoon
  8. Self-raisings flour (gluten-free) – 50 mg

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Instructions to Make Peanut Butter Brownies Recipe

Ensure that you follow the preparation steps carefully because it has been formulated after many trials and errors. To make one of the best brownies, you must follow the right approach.

  1. It would be easy to preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. It would be just right for the peanut butter brownies when they are ready
  3. Grease the baking dish
  4. Line the baking dish with non-stick parchment paper
  5. Place a small saucepan on low heat and put in the unsalted butter, chocolate, and crunchy peanut butter and warm it to melt all three together.
  6. In another small saucepan warm the smooth peanut butter gently
  7. In the meantime, put the eggs, sugar, and salt and whisk gently but also firmly.
  8. Then mix in the chocolate and flour into this mixture
  9. Take out all of the blends and let it flatten out
  10. Then trace lines with the smooth peanut butter in lines across but in a set symmetry.
  11. Create a marble effect by running the smooth peanut butter on the prepared brownie
  12. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes until the peanut butter brownies if just firm to the touch
  13. Leave it to cool for a few minutes
  14. Then lift it out using the paper that sticks out
  15. Cut into 12 to 16 equal parts, and you would have your peanut butter
  16. Serve either warm or cold

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Nutritional Value

Ensuring we take in the right nutrients is very important because our health could depend on what we eat. It is consuming the wrong types of foods that have created all the diseases and sicknesses around the world. Choosing what we eat is very important, and every kind of food has the good and the bad. If we could prudently select what we consume, we could keep many diseases and sicknesses at bay.

  • Calories – 121
  • Total fat – 1.1 g
  • Saturated fat – 1.3 g
  • Trans fat – 1.2 g
  • Cholesterol – 1.3 mg
  • Sodium – 68 mg
  • Total carbohydrate – 2.9 g
  • Dietary fibre – 2.6 g
  • Total sugars – 3.9 g
  • Added sugars – 1.2 g
  • Protein – 2.8 g
  • Iron – 1.9 mg
  • Potassium – 149 mg

Final Words

Peanut Butter Brownies Recipe is full of good fat. It’s very good for you and your kids. Best of luck and Cheeser!

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