Easy Brownies Recipe Chocolate Chips

Today I will show you the easiest, richest, and most decadent homemade Brownies Recipe Chocolate Chips you will ever try. Consequently, you only need some of the common ingredients with ration, mix-up, and bake for 28 minutes.

It’s simple! It’s delicious, making in minutes!

Are you a chocolate craving person? However, this Brownies Recipe Chocolate Chips will satisfy you; GUARANTEED! For the more attractive crazy sweet person, you can load candy and chocolate. If you want the exact taste and texture you want to see, you need to follow my instructions.   

Once, I brought a book that was full of recipes ideas. Indeed, that night I was flipping pages and found the Brownies Recipe. However, in this recipe, I added some signature items, my backing magics, and my cooking process with taste. The next day I cooked the chocolate chips brownie for our younger people.

For making Brownies Recipe Chocolate Chips, you don’t need to melt chocolate or chocolate chips with the buyer in a bowl. Indeed, only a bowl and some minutes bring you to make the best chocolate chip brownie recipe.

Serving of Brownies Recipe Chocolate Chips

The Best Brownies Recipe Chocolate Chips 1

According to the instructions given in this brownies recipe chocolate chips, a total of nine (9) people can eat. Meanwhile, you can cut the whole brownie into nine (9) cuts.

The Best Homemade Chocolate Chip Brownie Recipe, with crackly chocolate.


In this brownies recipe chocolate chips total time for a full process, forty-three (43) minutes requires. Total preparation time requires fifteen (15) minutes and total cooking time requires twenty-eight (28) minutes.

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Ingredients for Brownies Recipe Chocolate Chips

  1. Half (1/2) cup plain (unsalted) melted butter
  2. Quarter (1/4) cup dark or brown cocoa powder
  3. Two (2) pieces of eggs; chicken or duck
  4. One (1) cup pound castor sugar
  5. One (1) teaspoon vanilla essence drop
  6. Half (1/2) teaspoon pound (coarse) salt
  7. Three out of four ratios (3/4) cup flour for all together
  8. Quarter (1/4) teaspoon plain baking powder
  9. Half (1/2) cup of chocolate chips (mini)
  10. Powdered sugar for topping (optional)

Notes: *In case of not availability of castor sugar, use regular white sugar or granulated sugar. To sum up, for fudgier-looking brownies, you can use white and brown sugar together with the mentioned ratio.

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Instructions for Brownies Recipe Chocolate Chips

The Best Brownies Recipe Chocolate Chips 2
  1. Firstly, prepare the oven through preheating to 350 degrees
  2. Secondly, set foil on baking pan thru 8*8 line and spray baking oil
  3. Further, beater the butter and cocoa powder together and keep this aside
  4. And, until color comes, you have to beat eggs and add sugar, vanilla essence; beat again
  5. After that, add chocolate butter that mixed earlier into the eggs; beat until full mixed-up
  6. Next, set flour, salt, and Baking powder together; slowly add these to the egg mixture. Now, do not overbeat. Stop beating
  7. Moreover, stirring mini chocolate chips through hand
  8. Besides, transfer the finished mix to the set pan; bake for twenty-eight 28 minutes
  9. After twenty-eight (28) minutes, release them from the oven and let them cool completely
  10. In conclusion, cut them into nine (9) squares box
  11. If you want, you can rain sugar powder top on it

However, you will smell the scent of chocolate heated thru the kitchen. After twenty-eight (28) minutes, check with a toothpick to stick into the center and pull out. After that, if you found wet inside, this needs to be more baked. 

That is to say, do not bear over when you add flour and cocoa. In other words, this creates more air pockets. Some ovens are set by different heat systems; to clarify, here, time is the primary key. Above all, you should check after (twenty-three) 23 minutes. Finally, put the pan on top-middle of the oven.

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Nutritional Values of Brownies Recipe Chocolate Chips

  • Yield Quantity: Nine (9) 
  • Serving People: One (1)
  • Total Calories: 3,050 cal.

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Amount per serving people: 

The Best Brownies Recipe Chocolate Chips 3
  1. Calories: 339total 
  2. Fat: 15g
  3. Fiber: 1g
  4. Saturated fat: 8g
  5. Trans fat : 0g
  6. Unsaturated fat: 5g
  7. Sugar: 41g
  8. Cholesterol : 68mgs
  9. Protein : 3g
  10. Odium : 150mg
  11. Carbohydrates : 51g

Note: *Facts of nutrition are an estimated figure and are not definite to be precise. Consult with a registered dietician for excellent diet advice.

Learn More About Brownies Recipe

FAQs for Brownies Recipe Chocolate Chips

Which Chocolate Chip is Best Dark or Normal?

There is a huge debate on which chocolate is better. Dark chocolate and normal chocolate are two popular chocolates. You can choose either dark chocolate or normal chocolate in your recipes.

But dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate. Dark chocolate consists of 70% to 80% flavanols. So, dark chocolate chips are the best option.

Can I Use Chocolate Instead of Cocoa to Make it Fudgier?

You can also make brownies fudgy using cocoa powder.

However, if you would like to substitute the cocoa with chocolate, you can add unsweetened chocolate to the recipe.

You can add unsweetened chocolate more in the brownies. For instance, if you add 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder, add 1 ounce of unsweetened chocolate.

Which Gives Better Taste and Texture? Duck or Chicken Eggs?

The taste of duck eggs and chicken eggs is similar. There is a difference between duck egg taste and chicken egg taste.

However, duck eggs are more intense than chicken eggs. Duck eggs are 100% larger and wider than chicken eggs.

To prevent any unintentional change in the recipe, we recommend you use chicken eggs in your recipe.

Wouldn’t Vanilla Extract Give a Better Aroma and Flavor?

The vanilla extract consists of real vanilla beans. It has a strong flavor and aroma. It is quite essential to include vanilla in the recipes. Vanilla extract is one of the most important ingredients of brownies.

Vanilla essence flavor does not have alcohol. So, the vanilla flavor does not have a strong flavor or aroma. So, vanilla extra is better for providing flavor and aroma.

What Else Can I Use for Toppings?

There are different fruits and other jams that you can use as toppings for brownies.

Creamy dairy candies are one of the most famous toppings of brownies.

You can also add Nutella and fruits as the best combo toppings. Chefs also add chunks of favorite chocolates or candy bars along with some peanuts.

If you want to create a special topping for some important occasion, use dry fruits.

Caramel Brownies

Bottom Line

During, you will say something after testing what feels like a lifetime of Brownies Recipe Chocolate Chips. Finally, it is coming out with a flawless texture and has been made weekly ever subsequently.

For taste and only my perception, the one ingredient I have added is some amount of oil. This oil makes brownie fudgier on the total texture. It also remains crispy on top and crunchy on the chocolate portion. Have a great and different chocolate chip brownie experience. 

I hope you will love the brownie recipe with chocolate chips with your family. Enjoy!

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