Yuzu is a citrus fruit that has an unusual flavor. It’s tart and sweet at the same time, with hints of grapefruit and lime. Yuzu ice cream is refreshing on a hot day! This recipe will tell you how to make this delicious dessert in your kitchen! This yuzu ice cream is made with yuzu juice, yuzu zest, and yuzu tea, as well as the simple syrup.

The yuzu flavor comes from a powder that’s added during the final stages of mixing. This addition gives the ice cream a different texture than if yuzu juice was used throughout, but it ensures a constant yuzu flavor all through the ice cream. Use yuzu juice in more traditional dishes if you want to recreate the freshness of the natural yuzu fruit!

More About The Yuzu Fruit

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The yuzu fruit is yellow and round, with somewhat bumpy skin. It’s native to East Asia, but it has crossed the ocean and can now be found in California, Florida, and Hawaii! This citrus fruit is often used for its peel, which is where you get yuzu zest from. Yuzu’s juice can be used in some deserts like yuzu ice cream or even Yuzu sherbet! Yuzu also makes an excellent marinade for meat dishes and is seen on top of chawanmushi (a type of egg custard dish). For recipes that use yuzu zest instead of yuzu juice.

Serving yuzu ice cream with yuzu fruit is not common, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it! Yuzu ice cream goes well with yuzu zest, so feel free to top your yuzu ice cream off with yuzu peel if desired. Other desserts go well with Yuzu too! Some good combinations are yuzu tarts or yuzu pound cake, both of which use Yuzu in the batter and have a touch of yuzu flavor baked inside them.


Serves 6 People


Prep time: 20 Minutes
Freeze Time: 2 Hours 

Yuzu Ice Cream Ingridients

The Best Yuzu Ice Cream Recipe 2
  • 2 cups whole milk,
  • 1 cup sugar,
  • 3 tablespoons Yuzu Fine Powder, you can easily get it from amazon.
  • 4 tablespoons yuzus juice (the powder gives a slightly different texture, but yuzu juice won’t be as strong),
  • 2 yuzus,
  • 1 teaspoon yuzu marmalade (optional for yuzu flavor enhancer),
  • 1 tablespoon yuzu tea (optional for yuzu flavor enhancer),
  • 2 Eggs.


The yuzu fruit is optional, but it does make this dessert look nice. Yuzu ice cream tastes good with many different toppings, including berries or other fruits in season. Yuzu sherbet goes well with grated chocolate if desired. Yuzu whipped cream is another option that looks great on top of your finished product, though you may need to add a little sugar before whipping it if the yuzus weren’t sour enough, to begin with. Yuzu sauce is also good, but you should serve this dish either warm or at room temperature, so the sauce doesn’t melt all over everything!

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  1. Mix yuzu powder and yuzus zest with milk and yuzu marmalade.
  2. Heat the mixture to 180 F or until it starts to steam but does not boil.
  3. Mix yuzu tea (optional) with yuzu juice if you’re using yuzu juice instead of yuzu powder/zest.
  4. Pour the milk into a bowl and place this bowl over another bowl that’s partially filled with ice cubes and water; this is called an ice bath, which helps cool down your custard quickly, so it doesn’t overcook.
  5. Stir the milk occasionally as it cools down for at least 5 minutes.
  6. Mix sugar, yuzu juice/yuzu powder, and egg yolks in another bowl, then pour it into the milk mixture.
  7. Strain the mixture to get rid of lumps and let it cool down to room temperature, occasionally stirring, so skin doesn’t form on top of the ice cream.
  8. Pour into an ice cream maker, freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions (should take 20-25 minutes), then serve right away or freeze for later. Yuzu ice cream tastes best if it’s eaten in 1-2 days!
  9. Serve in bowls and top with yuzu zest of yuzu peel.

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Nutritional Info

The Best Yuzu Ice Cream Recipe 3

Amount Per Serving (1/2 Cup)

  • Calories 110.8
  • Total Fat 4.5 g
  • Saturated Fat 3 g
  • Cholesterol 50 mg
  • Sodium 36 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates 17.6 g
  • Dietary Fiber 0.2 g
  • Protein 2.7 g

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Yuzu Ice Cream?

Yuzu ice cream is a traditional Japanese dessert made with Yuzu fruit juice or Yuzu peel.

Does Yuzu Ice Cream Need A Freezer?

No, it does not need a freezer to make this delicious recipe.

Does Yuzu Taste Bitter?

Yuzu has a lemon-like taste and is not bitter. However, Yuzu juice and Yuzu powder need to be diluted with water or milk before use because Yuzu can be too intense for some people. 

How Much Yuzu Ice Cream Could I Make?

1 quart Yuzu Ice Cream ingredients will give you 4 servings as a dessert.

How Long Can I Store It In The Freezer?

Ice Cream doesn’t store well in the freezer, so Yuzu ice cream should be eaten within 2 days of making it.

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Final Thoughts

Yuzu is rich in vitamin C and is suitable for your skin, hair, and digestive system. However, it has a similar effect to lemons, so don’t buy too many yuzus, or they might go to waste! Despite their appearance, they are also known as Japanese Satsuma oranges, but they’re not related to oranges! Yuzus aren’t cheap, but if you like them, then go ahead and buy Yuzu but it might be a good idea to find out if Yuzu oranges or Yuzu juice is cheaper at your local market first. Yuzu Ice Cream is a traditional Japanese recipe which you can make easily in the comfort of your home.

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