What is a marshmallow brownie recipe? Don’t worry. I will explain everything below. The marshmallow is a type of ingredient added to the chocolate mixture, and it makes for a very moist, gooey brownie. Unfortunately, the recipe has been discontinued but preserved here for your reference. In many countries like the US, the brownie recipe is a brownie cookie.

You can also find several variations in the UK called a mug cake or mug brownie. A ‘marshmallow brownie’ is a sweet dessert made with marshmallow fluff and chocolate. A ‘regular fudge brownie’ is a chocolate brownie that has been enhanced with a lot of sugar. This recipe is made with marshmallow and brownie mix. It is a straightforward recipe, but it tastes great.

What Is Marshmallow?

Marshmallow is a popular dessert made with chocolate, marshmallows, and eggs. It’s a favorite food of children and adults. Marshmallow is a chocolate treat that was invented in the 1950s. It is a combination of two ingredients: marshmallows and brown sugar. Marshmallow brownie recipes are top-rated in the US.

This recipe was created by an American girl who wanted to make her family and friends happy with a delicious dessert that they could enjoy at any time of the day. As a result, the recipe has been made famous by many people, including children and adults alike, who have shared it with their friends and family on social media.

Origins Of Marshmallow Brownie Recipe

Marshmallow Brownie Recipe 1

The origins of the marshmallow brownie recipe are a mystery to researchers. The first Marshmallow brownie recipe was invented in a kitchen in France. It was made out of marshmallows and chocolate. It is thought to have been Invented in 1939; Ruth P. Richmond created the marshmallow brownie recipe.

In 1936, Ruth P. Richmond, a mother-of-three and a secretary at the Chemical Bank in Chicago, started to bake brownies. She was inspired to create the recipe after reading a popular book on nutrition.

A few weeks later, she had eaten her first marshmallow brownie, and it was so good that she immediately had to make another batch. So the following day, She made it for her son and his friends. When you are a child, you always have a favorite recipe. You would ask your parents to make it for you. This is what made the brownie recipe so famous and still is.


Marshmallow brownie is a popular dessert that everyone loves. However, the recipe has many variations, and some people like to add different ingredients to make it more interesting. 

Makes 6 servings


Prep Time: 15 Minutes
Cook Time: 20 Minutes


  1. 1 tsp butter (softened),
  2. 1/2 cup brown sugar,
  3. 2 eggs,
  4. 1 tsp vanilla extract,
  5. 1 tbsp milk or water,
  6. 1 cup flour (all-purpose),
  7. 1 tsp baking powder,
  8. 1 Cup Marshmallow Chopped into small pieces.


  1. Let’s begin by preheating the oven to 350F. When you preheat the oven to 350F, be sure to grease the pan well with butter.
  2. Whisk the eggs and sugar till the eggs are completely dissolved.
  3. Add in the milk and vanilla extract and again whisk with the egg mixture till it becomes foamy.
  4. Next, mash the butter with the flour and mix properly.
  5. Add the butter and flour mix to the egg mixture and knead it till it forms a dough.
  6. Now add the marshmallows into the mixture and fold them into pieces.
  7. Now prepare the baking pan pour the batter into it, and put it into the oven.
  8. Now, bake it for about 15 minutes till it forms a crust. Alternatively, you can use the toothpick trick to see if it’s done thoroughly.
  9. When done, take it out of the oven and let it cool for five minutes before cutting it into pieces.

Nutritional Information

Marshmallow Brownie Recipe 2
  1. Calories: 280 Kcal
  2. Protein:13 Mg
  3. Fat: 12 Mg
  4. Fiber:0.6 Mg

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marshmallow Brownie?

Marshmallow Brownie is a delicious, golden brown confection filled with a rich chocolatey filling, topped with a creamy chocolate ganache and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. It’s the best chocolate brownie recipe you’ll ever try!

Is Marshmallow Brownie Healthy?

Marshmallow Brownie has been a favorite snack for most people. But, whether it is healthy or not, many people have tasted this famous cookie and are surprised to find out that it contains a high amount of sugar.

Do you need baking knowledge to make a marshmallow brownie?

Marshmallow brownies are a popular dessert. But many people are not familiar with the baking process.
This article will discuss a specific type of bakery – marshmallow brownie. We will explain the baking process and tell you how to make a marshmallow brownie at home.

Final Words

I am a huge fan of the marshmallow brownie recipe, and I think I have been eating them for the last 30 years. So this is my attempt to write this article as a marshmallow brownie lover. This short article talks about the history of marshmallow brownie and how it is made. It also talks about some interesting facts about the food.

This dessert has many different variations, such as chocolate or vanilla, but the most popular is the original marshmallow brownie. The marshmallow brownie is a staple in many people’s diets, and it’s not surprising that the dessert has been around for such a long time.

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