How To Make Mac And Cheese In Microwave Easily

The lifestyle these days has become very fast, and we all need recipes for lunch that don’t take much of our time. Considering that, here is a recipe for a quick meal that everyone loves. The best part is that you don’t need much time to prepare it and the ingredients are already in your kitchen. One more positive thing about this meal is that it is not expensive, so all you need is a few ingredients know how to How To Make Mac and Cheese In Microwave.

Now, we are talking about how to make mac and cheese in the microwave. This is one of the easiest recipes for tasty, creamy, and rich mac and cheese. 


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So, this recipe provides four servings. The amount of food is enough for four persons. The recipe is going to provide you a full plate of this delicious dish. Each serving provides you 640 calories. 

When macaroni and cheese are ready, you can sprinkle them with parsley and pepper, making them taste better and a bit different from regular. You should serve them immediately after they are done. 

Required Time

To get mac and cheese ready, you need about half an hour. To prep all ingredients for cooking, it will take you 5-10 minutes. Serving the meal takes about 5 minutes, and that’s it. Your creamy and tasty mac and cheese from the microwave is ready. 

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Ingredients for cooking Mac and Cheese in Microwave

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To prepare this tasty meal that everyone likes, this is what you are going to need:

  • Two cups of uncooked macaroni,
  • One pack of shredded Cheddar cheese,
  • One cup of milk,
  • Four cups of water,
  • Four tablespoons of butter,
  • ¼ tablespoon of salt.

The greatest thing about this recipe is that you probably have all these ingredients at home. Also, none of them is expensive, and you can buy them in any food store. 

Directions for Cooking Mac and Cheese in Microwave

Here are the steps in how to make mac and cheese in the microwave recipe. For those making this dish in the microwave for the first time, you should know that you cannot use any bowl in the microwave. You may need to buy a bowl for preparing the food in it. Many chefs recommend using a silicone bowl resistant to high temperatures and will save your hands from getting burned. 

  • First Step: Mix the macaroni and water into the microwave bowl. Put it inside, close, and do not cover the bowl. Let it sit in from 11 to 15 minutes. You should stir the macaroni once while in the microwave to check if they are tender enough. The temperature on the microwave should be set on high. Once macaroni is cooked, take them out. Drain them, take them out of the microwave bowl and let them sit while you are going on the second step.
  • Second Step: Now, you should put the rest of the ingredients in the microwave bowl. So, add milk, butter, cheese, and salt and mix it well. Put the bowl inside and set your microwave on high. You shouldn’t cover the bowl. These ingredients need to cook inside from 3 to 5 minutes, depending on how strong your microwave is. Cheese and butter have to melt, so you can stir them easily and get a creamy texture. When it is done, take it out of the microwave.
  • Third Step: In this step, you should have macaroni cooked and creamy cheese sauce ready. All you need to do now is to mix them and stir well. Then leave them for a couple of minutes and stir again. Now, your meal is ready, and this is how to make mac and cheese in the microwave. This super easy procedure that saves your time allows you to prepare a super delicious meal that everyone likes in just 20 minutes.

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Nutritional Values of Mac and Cheese in Microwave

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when we break down the meal to the nutrients, we can find 640 calories in each serving. About 52% or 34g of fat and half of the calories come out of it. 

The dish provides you about 3g of fiber or 13%. Potassium comes in 210 mg or 6%, Sodium in 640 mg or 27%, and Cholesterol in 95mg or 31%. The total amount of carbs is 59g or 20%. There is about 20g of protein in this meal. The dish provides you 20% of vitamin A in consideration of daily value and 50% of calcium, and 15% of iron. 

FAQs About How To Make Mac and Cheese In Microwave

Can I add some other ingredients to this meal?

Yes. You can add almost anything, but it yet depends on what you like. Some recommendations are to add hot sauce, ketchup, black pepper, parmesan, mozzarella, bacon bits, crumbled bacon, parsley. How to make mac and cheese in the microwave depends basically on what you like.

Can I eat leftovers the next day?

You can eat leftovers as long as your store them in the fridge over the night. The next day, to keep mac and cheese creamy, try to prepare them in milk instead of water. This makes macaroni creamy even before you add the cheese into it. 

Can I prevent the mac and cheese from drying?

If you are baking mac and cheese, add more milk. This should prevent them from becoming dry. If you are cooking them, you can add a tablespoon of flour, which will thicken the macaroni and prevent them from drying. 

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Final Thoughts

If you were not sure how to make mac and cheese in the microwave, we recommend following this recipe. Also, the recommendation is to read the label on the products before you start preparing because some of them are not suitable for preparing in this way. But it is a small chance that your favorite macaroni cannot be prepared this way.

This meal is great when you need to prepare a super easy and quick dish. It doesn’t cost much, and everyone likes it, especially children. 

This is the most common preparation of mac and cheese in the microwave. But you can add some other ingredients you like to get them to taste even better. Bon Appetit!

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