M&M Ice Cream Bars are the perfect treat for summer. They blend chocolate and peanut butter which is surprisingly easy to make. This is a great snack for anyone who loves the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. 

These bars come in various flavors such as caramel, vanilla, strawberry, and more traditional flavors like chocolate and peanut butter. M&M Ice Cream Bars also come in different sizes, from small to large, so you can find the perfect size for your taste buds!

These bars are a popular ice cream flavor in America. They are made with chocolate, peanut butter, and caramel. This quick and easy recipe takes about 10 minutes to make. It is a delicious, chocolatey treat that all will love.

The ice cream bar is a popular dessert made using m&m’s. It is also very easy to make and customized in many ways. It is a perfect dessert for people who love chocolate and peanut butter together or for those who like to make their creations with the ingredients they have on hand.

Origins Of M&M Ice Cream Bar

The origins of the m&m ice cream bar recipe are unclear, but it is said that the m&m was invented in 1941 by Forrest Mars Sr. It is believed that the recipe has been passed down from generation to generation, but there is no concrete evidence as to when it was first made.

M&M ice cream bars are a popular American confection found in grocery stores and convenience stores worldwide. The recipe for the ice cream bar is simple: chocolate, peanut butter, and M&M’s. The first M&M ice cream bar was created by accident in 1941 when a confectioner was trying to make a peanut butter fudge brownie and accidentally added the chocolate instead of the fudge.

The origins of the m&m ice cream bar recipe are unclear, but many people believe it was created during the Great Depression. At first, these ice cream bars were made with peanut butter and chocolate chips. However, as time progressed, other flavors were added to the recipe. One of these new flavors was m&m’s.

The origins of the m&m ice cream bar recipe are unknown. However, it is believed that this recipe was created in the 1930s.

The m&m ice cream bars are made with a mixture of chocolate and peanut butter, but they can also be made with other flavors like vanilla or strawberry. They have a hard texture, making them ideal for eating during the summer months. M&Ms were first introduced in 1941 by Forrest Mars Sr., the founder of Mars Incorporated.


This recipe makes 2 Quarts.
M&M Ice Cream Bar Recipe 1


Prep Time: 20 Minutes
Freeze Time: 2 Hours


  1. 1/2 cup butter, softened,
  2. 1/2 cup packed brown sugar,
  3. 1/4 cup granulated sugar,
  4. ½ cup peanut butter,
  5. 1 cup heavy cream,
  6. 1 cup milk,
  7. 3/4 teaspoon salt,
  8. ½ cup m&ms.


  1. Mix the brown sugar and granulated sugar with the milk and set aside later.
  2. Take a pan and melt the butter and pour the milk mixture. Let it reduce to about half, add the peanut butter, and mix well.
  3. Take the mixture off the heat and let it get cooled.
  4. Take a blender, add the heavy cream and the mixture, and blend until it becomes foamy.
  5. According to your manufacturer’s instructions, add the whole mixture to your churner and churn.
  6. After that, transfer the mixture to an air-tight container, add the m&ms, fold them in, freeze for about 1 hour, and serve.
  7. You can crush some m&ms and sprinkle them over as toppings.

Nutritional Information

  1. Energy: 111 kcal
  2. Protein: 3 g
  3. Carbohydrate: 13 g
  4. Dietary fiber: 2.4 g

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Frequently Asked Questions About

What is the difference between an M&m and a Milky Way?

Different names know different types of chocolate candies. There are many names for each type of candy, but they all have the same ingredients and purpose. For example, the difference between an M&m and a Milky Way is that an M&m has a hard candy shell while the Milky Way has a soft, malleable candy shell.

How many calories are in an M&m Ice Cream Bar?

M&m Ice Cream Bars are a popular treat for children. The M&m Ice Cream Bar is a chocolate-coated, peanut-butter-filled ice cream bar with only 100 calories. One M&m Ice Cream Bar has 100 calories in it.

How long can you keep an M&m Ice Cream Bar in the freezer?

The answer to this question depends on the type of M&m Ice Cream Bar you are using. If you are using a chocolate M&m Ice Cream Bar, you can keep it in the freezer for up to six months. If you are using a peanut butter M&m Ice Cream Bar, you can keep it in the freezer for up to four months.
M&ms and other types of ice cream bars have a shelf life of around six months, and they need to be stored at a certain temperature.

Final Words

Some final thoughts In this M&m Ice cream bar recipe, I used a brownie mix because this is what I had in the house. Using brownies as an M&m ice cream bar base is just fine, making this recipe easier to finish. However, you could use any chocolate cake mix or even a white cake mix like Betty Crocker. You could also use a chocolate cake mix and add chocolate chips to the batter.

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